Rent Drive UA

Our correspondents reviewed the most popular cars among the client base of the car rental service in Ukraine «Rentdrive» — ​​ After researching car rental statistics from various price segments and reviewing numerous customer reviews, we have presented the TOP 5 most popular cars.

The criteria for choosing a car rental in Kiev (Ukraine) are:

  • relatively inexpensive rental price;
  • spectacular appearance and recognizable design;
  • the presence of a spacious, comfortable lounge;
  • voluminous luggage compartment.

The leading positions were occupied by such demanded models:

  1. in economy class — Ford Fiesta;
  2. in the middle segment — Mazda 3;
  3. among business cars – Toyota Camry;
  4. SUVs — Kia Sportage;
  5. VIP class models — BMW X5.

Ford Fiesta — economy and reliability of the vehicle

ford fiesta

For trips around the city and its environs, residents and guests of Kiev most often rent an economy class Ford Fiesta car. What attracts this car, besides the cheap price? Minor restyling of a car did her good. An elongated body, a slightly updated wheelbase and a spacious luggage compartment are a priority for users. For the comfort of passengers and the driver — comfortable, adjustable seats and LED lighting in the cabin are installed. Economical fuel consumption makes Ford Fiesta rental a priority.

Mazda 3 — convenient control system and original exterior styling

mazda 3

Mazda 3 is the leader of rental in the middle segment. This car guarantees a comfortable stay for passengers and ease of control. Improved dynamic characteristics increase the comfort and safety of movement. Low fuel consumption, a powerful engine, and excellent cross-country ability make Mazda 3 an indispensable car among the entire RentDrive fleet.

Toyota Camry — the choice of businessmens

toyota camry

According to numerous opinions of drivers who have used the car rental service, the best business model is Toyota Camry. The car of the famous Japanese brand received the best reviews for excellent handling, beautiful design. The spectacular business class sedan has excellent visibility and the best technical characteristics. The rented car has a dynamic silhouette and a high level of interior equipment. The best model in the business section, will please the driver and passengers with a luxurious interior trim, the presence of increased comfort. The advantage is the reasonable rental price.

Kia Sportage is the leader in SUV car rental

kia sportage

According to RentDrive customers, there is no better option for off-road driving enthusiasts than renting a Kia Sportage crossover in Kiev. Stylish all-wheel drive car. Kia Sportage has a spacious interior and good interior equipment. A tinted car with air conditioning and cruise control makes driving an SUV pleasant not only in Kiev, but also beyond its borders.

Premium model for VIPs

bmw x5

The popularity rating of top cars from Rent Drive completes the all-wheel drive premium SUV BMW X5. Stylish Design Pure Experience inside distinguishes this car from other modifications in the premium class. Drivers note the convenience and ease of driving and parking thanks to the installed 360° surround view system and parking assistant. The turbocharged engine allows you to develop high speeds without violating the smoothness of the ride. Leather upholstery and a panoramic roof are additional advantages when choosing this car for rent. Inside there is everything you need, including 4-zone climate control and a color TFT monitor. A modern acoustic system and other innovative devices will brighten up long journeys.

A convenient car rental service in Kiev, Ukraine from Rentdrive is a worthy quality of service at the best rates.